Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burlap Dry Erase Calendar

Happy Summer! 

I don't know about your family, but even though my house is always busy, it seems to get about 10 times as bad in the summertime.

I made a dry erase calendar over the winter out of an old poster sized frame. It was a plexiglass frame instead of regular glass, and it seemed to work for a few months. 

Turns out, DO NOT use plexiglass for a dry erase board. 

Over time the writing etched itself into the plexi and now it's in the trash....

So, I took myself down to Hobby Lobby and looked around their Clearance section. I found an ugly print in a large frame and took it home to tear it apart. It was originally priced $79.99, but I got it for $28.00 (score!).

I also bought a roll of burlap and drew out a calendar grid on the burlap itself. I bought the burlap at Hobby Lobby, but my husband informed me that I should have bought it at Lowes. He said that they have huge rolls that were much cheaper than the $12.99 that I paid. I may be checking that out in the (near) future.

Before closing the burlap up inside the frame, I put some white scrapbook paper between the burlap and the back on the frame.

When I was done I put it all together and batted my eyelashes until my hubby hung it on the wall for me. 

I filled in all of the dates for the month of June by writing on the outside of the glass, and now I'm ready to fill it up with a months worth of activities. :)

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