Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Great Reveal: Kitchen Remodel

Once upon a time.... long, long ago this was my kitchen.

 Ok, I guess it wasn't all that long ago. We moved in to this house just 5 months ago. Maybe it just feels like we've lived here forever?

The hubby had two weeks off of school for Christmas and he devoted that two weeks to working on our kitchen. 

Here is the final outcome:

The first thing he did was replace the lovely peach counter top with this DIY stained wood counter top.

The inspiration came from here.
The stain we used is from Minwax and the color is Black Walnut. 

He painted the cabinets white with trim and cabinet paint from Better Homes and Gardens (bought at Wal-mart). 

The wall color is:
Red Rose Bouquet from the Glidden Brilliance Collection (Wal-Mart)

Here is another Pinterest idea put into action! Dish Soap in an oil bottle... much nicer than a bottle of Dawn! I'm not sure where the original pin came from, but I found it here.

 I'm a junkie for anything that will save me some cabinet space! And is it just me, or does a rolling pin fit exactly NO WHERE?!
We fixed this issue by hanging up two coat hooks (purchased from Wal-Mart for $2.97 each) and using this as a rolling pin holder. 
We also picked up a rake there for $8 and cut off the handle to use as a wine glass holder. I've been wanting to do that one for a long long time. Now, I just really want some wine. :-/
On top of it all is the magnetic board my friend Amanda made me, before up and leaving me to go off to college. I know, how dare she better herself and her life. Gah. (just kidding... mostly)
Amanda made this magnetic board by attaching scrapbook paper to a piece of sheet metal and then punching holes in the sheet metal to string a piece of ribbon to hang it with. She even made some cutesy button magnets for the board. I'm sure it'll be full of notes and paper in no time!

This is one of my favorite additions! The hubby built shelves in the open wall space next to the entrance into the kitchen. Perfect spot for my cookbooks, cookie jar, and some fun knick knacks!

I got the "Faith" sign, the bird and the owl at Hobby Lobby on Saturday afternoon. On the top shelf I also have my "Redneck wine glass" the husband bought me at Bass Pro a couple weeks ago. 

Inside a couple of the cabinet doors we installed these spice clips to help fix part of our spice hoarding problem. I don't mean to point fingers, but my spice collection has doubled since my husband got home. Hmmm.... fishy, huh? We ordered the Spice Clips from for $7.95 for a set of 20. This is a GREAT deal. We ordered two sets and I plan to use some in my craft room. :)

We still have quite a bit that we are planning to do in there, but for now at the least the house is about ready for a birthday party in a couple of weeks! 

What do you think so far?

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Crystal from My Ramblings said...

What a difference! I love the red walls. (I'm a sucker for a red kitchen...) I also really like the stained counter tops... it gives the kitchen a very rustic look, and its a great alternative to expensive marble!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Great DIY!

Shell said...

Thanks! I've always wanted a red kitchen! I was pretty nervous, but I'm glad we took the plunge.

Shell said...

Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

KT said...

Looks spectacular!

Shell said...