Monday, May 7, 2012

Diet Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

Ummm yeah... you read that right! Diet Dr. Pepper Cupcakes were all the rage on back in the day. These are so moist, go yummy and so easy to make. Also, they are low fat because they do not have eggs or oil in them. The girls and I made some last week that I took to work to share.

Here's how to do it!

Put the box of cake mix in a bowl.

Pour in a can of diet soda

Mix and then lick the mixer AFTER

Bake as directed on box

Find the other kid to help decorate her six cupcakes. (after stealing 12 to smuggle to work)

And enjoy!


KT said...

I'm glad you specified to lick the mixer AFTER...otherwise that could've been ugly... :)

Shell said...

Oh Katie... you never know!