Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY Twine Wreath

So shortly after I finished my pictures last weekend I got a new obsession. Wreaths! Who doesn't need a fun wreath on the their front door? Well.. this girl apparently, but we will get to that later.

Anyway, while on my weekly trip to Dollar Tree I picked up a woven craft wreath and got really excited for my new project. I also picked up some twine from Hobby Lobby ($2.99) and some daisies from Dollar General. I already had a wooden R at home that has just been waiting to be used. So I painted it black in anticipation for this. :)

I started Sunday by wrapping the twine around the wreath. I tied it in a knot at the top and started my journey around it. I used hot glue every five or so inches to keep it secure. This took me (no joke) about three hours combined. NOT an fun task. It was easy, just very time consuming and my hands hurt like heck, I started complaining on facebook after the first 1.5 hours.

Once I finally got everything wrapped up I pulled some of the daisies off of the bush that I picked up at Dollar General and glued two and my R once I was happy with their position.

To hang it I used black ribbon to make a bow and attached a daisy to the middle of the bow. I used some blue ribbon I had sitting around to loop the top and glued it place, using the daisy to hide the ugly-ness of the hot glue connection. :)

Once I was done I was sooooooo excited to hang it on my door.... but I realized that the nail in the door is about eye level to me and the wreath would hang to about my belly. :(

So, I bought a wreath hanger from Wal-mart this evening and it will not stay in place, when I shut the door the wreath sticks out about 6 inches, so it is now proudly hung in my doorway. SIGH.

Oh well, at least we can enjoy it. Total cost? $7
wreath: $1
twine: $2.99
flowers: $3
total: $6.99

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