Friday, June 4, 2010

Bad Ass Chicks

Now that the inital sadness of my GI going back to his base is starting to tone down a little bit.. I've come to realize something incredible.

I am a proud member of the "Bad Ass Chick" Club.

A bad ass chick isn't a girl that rides a motorcycle, picks fights and covers herself in tattoo's.

A truely bad ass chick does what we do every day. A bad ass chick stands up for what she believes in, takes care of herself and puts her life in the hands of fate.

A bad ass chick knows what it's like to have to fall asleep every night on her own. A bad ass chick knows how to make decisions on her own and make her own plans, whether it's what to make for dinner or where to live... because she knows she has to do it on her own, and she knows that she will make the right choices.

A bad ass chick sets goals and follows her dreams instead of standing back and wishing for them to come true. She knows what she wants and she has the ambition to chase those dreams at full force.

A bad ass chick knows the word "deployment" and knows that this one word can shake her world apart. She may have to go weeks or months without a word from the man she loves, but she still gets out of bed everyday and carries on, because she knows laying in bed all day crying and waiting won't make time go by any faster.

A bad ass chick will have to spend birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas with half of her heart missing. But, she doesn't use this as an excuse to not celebrate her life and what she has.
A bad ass chick knows what it's like to need a hug and a kiss when he's too far away to touch. She also knows that missing the feel of his skin for months on end is worth her next first kiss when he comes home. So, she remains true to her soldier, hugs her pillow and waits for it to be her turn.

A bad ass chick does just know the true meaning of love. She knows the deepest, strongest love known to man, a love most can not describe. 

A bad ass chick can hear  "I love you" from her soldier and that's all it takes to remind her no matter how hard it is to miss him, at least she has someone incredible to miss.
A bad ass chick spends plenty of time crying and praying and wishing on a star for him to come home soon. But, the pride she has in her military man for serving our country outweighs all the pain and she wouldn't change it for a thing.

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